Welcome to Public Understanding of Science Blog


Blogs and Social media outlets are changing both the consumption and the production of scientific information and the availability of this information to non-expert audience, thus providing a great outlet by which to promote scientific knowledge, to engage the public discourse and to increase the public understanding of scientific research. 

The PUS Blog and social accounts closely follow this effort and go beyond the news to increase communication between scientists and society, to get more people interested in science and to become a reliable source of information for lay public, journalists and science communicators.

Through the PUS Blog, we offer a window into a range of subjects associated to public understanding of science, and we share news on research evidences, events, conferences, image and video-based contents that are related to this topic.

Nevertheless, we believe that social media were built to connect, build new relationships and share knowledge, and not just as a push notification or amplification of information. For this reason, we decided to be courageous and to take the risk of starting our new blog without multiple pieces of content already available to consume. Our aim is not to design a high impact blog, but to grow with our followers day by day, to listen to their needs, to share and discuss with them not only quality and useful information, but also the contents they are looking for.

We invite you to connect with our authors, to share our content with everyone via social media and to tweet us your suggestions to improve our blog. We welcome opinions, comments, tweets, thumbs up and even thumbs down.

Last, but not least special thanks go to Debashish Munshi and Priya Kurian for having brought their passion, intellect, and insight, in the previous edition of this blog. Their contribution was a starting point for designing the new blog.