Call for Book Reviewers

Brian Trench has been appointed book reviews editor of Public Understanding of Science with immediate effect. 

Brian aims to have books reviewed within a year, at most, of their publication. Most reviews will be shorter (e.g. 750 words) reviews of single publications and a small number will be longer (e.g. 2,500 words) comparative review-essays covering several publications. 

Brian will commission the shorter reviews directly, with a (typically) 3-month deadline. These will appear initially on the PUS blog, where they will be open to comment. Groups of these reviews will be published later in the journal.
The longer pieces will be commissioned by the journal editor, Massimiano Bucchi, with a 6/9-month deadline. 

The books of interest for review go beyond science communication, strictly understood. We will seek suitable titles for review in communication studies, science studies and popular science.

If you wish to suggest a book for review in Public Understanding of Science, or you wish to be considered as a reviewer, please contact Brian directly on