Science, Technology and Innovation: New challenges and practices

INGENIO is pleased to announce the 2018 Eu-SPRI Early Career Research Conference (ECC), a three-day conference organized by doctoral students for doctoral students. The event will take place in Valencia, Spain on 3-5 May 2018

Ph.D. Days INGENIO 2018 seeks to offer to early career researchers the opportunity to develop and refine research capabilities, presentation and communication skills as well as building career networks.

The main themes of interest of the 2018 Eu-SPRI ECC are aligned with the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020), with a particular emphasis on societal concerns in areas such as environmental sustainability, innovative and reflective societies, climate action, food security, inequality and social well-being.

The Early Career conference will be built around five main topics:
  1. Science Communication & Dissemination of Research
  2. Innovation: sources, effects and implementation
  3. Science, Open Science and evaluation policies
  4. Practices and strategies for engagement and collaboration for sustainability
  5. Social innovation to promote transformative transitions
Potential participants are invited to submit a short bio (about 150 words) and an extended abstract (up to 1.500 words) no later than 2nd March 2018.

Submit your paper or visit PhD days INGENIO 2018 website to know more.