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Free Book Webinar. Newton's Chicken: Science in the Kitchen

On January 14th at 2 p.m. GMT, Massimiano Bucchi, Professor of Science and Technology in Society, University of Trento, will discuss and answer questions about his new book, Newton's Chicken: Science in the kitchen World Science Publishing.

This highly rigorous, yet original and entertaining publication provides a surprising account of the relationship between gastronomy and scientific research.

  • Why has science forcefully entered the kitchen from a certain moment in history?
  • Why do scientists often use images and metaphors drawn from gastronomy?
  • What is the common thread that connects scientific experiments to mouth-watering recipes?
  • What has futurist cooking got in common with molecular gastronomy?

Experiments with coffee, controversies over beer and chocolate recipes guarded as if they were secret patents are the ingredients of this original, surprising account of the intersections between gastronomy and research, between laboratories and kitchens.

To join us on Thursday 14 January register here: Book Webinar registration.

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